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Poem: Inspired By #LotusFlowerBomb…Dedicated To #Ambition…Written On #WaleWednesday

It’s not in my nature to stop walking

But something about you has peaked my interest

So I stop to listen to what you’ve been thinking

Your poetic flow got me listening

Your sexy wordplay got me blushing

Check you out

Noticing my effort

And my love for the sweet smell of flowers

Its the bomb how you take notice

So I continue to notice you

As you make me smile

But I tell you I must go

On my daily grind

You see work got me crazy

No time for this game of love

My ambition got me blind

And it takes a certain man to understand

but you keep talking like you do

One day just might make you my boyfriend

My boo

But right now I’ll love to make you my friend with perks

Cause your spirit takes me

Uplifts me

What woman in her right mind doesn’t want a man that will allow her to shine

Such a turn on to me

Your confidence

How you pursue me

Right now I am playing hard to get

But I’m feeling your persistence

And maybe after a drink or two later

We can both put in some work

And this can turn in to more than one night

Depending on how it goes

Depending how we flow

And although I don’t know you

And you don’t know me

I hope to be yours indefinitely

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